Marine Electronics You Can Count On

Sea-tronics is a South Florida based business. Initially established as an eBay business November 2011, Sea-tronics has since branched out to incorporate an e-commerce site and began offering top notch repair services. Sea-tronics has quickly grown to be one of Florida’s most reliable go-to companies for both individual customers and businesses in search of hard-to-find, obsolete parts and quality electronic repairs.

Our belief is in treating our customers fairly and honestly. Our goal is to provide you with quality pre-owned marine electronics. A solution-minded staff, well versed in product functionality, compatibility and repair, is key to your satisfaction.

In our 4800 sq ft warehouse, we house thousands of circuit boards, screens, cables, components and various other parts that allow us to rebuild or repair many marine electronic devices. These electronics are obtained through partnerships with installers, boatyards, marinas and boat owners. When they arrive at our facility, each individual item is fully bench tested on a live test setup that emulates a normal installation on a vessel. This is done to be sure that the unit not only powers on, but that all of the accessory ports function properly. During this testing process, software updates are performed and any issues we find are addressed by our repair team. Once testing is complete, the items are cleaned and buffed if necessary then photos of the actual unit in operation are taken. After all of these steps the unit is finally ready to be listed for sale. In the event that we are unable to test an item, we make this absolutely clear in our listing as to not mislead our buyers, please be aware of this and read the descriptions we provide to avoid any confusion.

Broken Electronics?

90 day repair warranty